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The tale of Lake Usma says...

... that in ancient times all the lakes were floating up in the air and they had to wait for someone to give them a name in order to land on the ground. Thus our lake was also floating, until one day a mother with a small child came out of the sauna. The child saw the black, flying lake and cried “...usmīgs, ...usmīgs” (wanting to say that the lake is angry (dusmīgs in Latvian). And so the lake fell down and Lake Usma emerged – the lake of “the Land of Mist”, if translated from the Liv language. Each cape and bay of the lake shore has a name given by the ancestors. One of the islands in the lake – Moricsala – bears the name of the Saxony Maurice, grandfather of George Sand.

Lake Usma
According to the latest measurements it is the fourth largest lake in Latvia. Its length – 13.5 km, width – 4.5 km, area – 41.1 km². The lake is a remnant of the Baltic Ice Lake. Maximum depth – 27 m. By its volume – 205 million m3 – the second largest in Latvia. The length of the shoreline – 73.6 km. The lake is located in Ventspils Municipality, on the border of the Talsi and Kuldīga districts. There are seven islands in the lake – Viskūži Island (the largest island in Latvia), Moricsala Island (nature reserve), Lielalksnīte Island, Mazalksnīte Island, Zossaliņa Island and two Dvīnītes islands. Despite its depth the lake has many sandbanks that make the lake attractive. The shores of the lake are mainly gently sloping and sandy, with forests nearby. There are 10 rivers flowing into Lake Usma – Tīrukšupe, Godele, Melncelma, Meķupe, Sērža, Ostupe, Baņģava, Struncene, Riekte, Kāņupe. Only one river flows out of Lake Usma – Engure. It flows into Lake Puze. The River Rinda flows out of the lake, which later joins the River Stende to form the River Irbe, which in turn flows into the Baltic Sea. The lake is suitable for boat rides and those who love to swim. It is a popular place for sailing and fishing.


Worship Linden Tree, 2.5 km

The Linden Tree is located near the formed Usma School building (next to the new Usma Church) and it was once a worship site. Of the former nine forked branches, only two remain now.

Usma Yacht Club, 0.5 km

The largest yacht club in Latvia. Founded in 1973, it unites more than 150 yachtsmen and 60 yachts. 12-14 competitions are organised during one season, as well as sailing training for children and adults is available.



Lake Usma is a brilliant place for fishing in Kurzeme with more than 25 fish species and attracts fishing enthusiasts from all across Latvia.


Since 1 May 2017, the licensed fishing, angling and fishing control is organised by the association Usmas Krasts. Angling and spin fishing from boats is permitted after 1 May. A written permit from the Administration of Moricsala Nature Reserve is required for fishing in the reserve. Industrial fishing also takes place in the lake.


If you are planning to go fishing to Lake Usma, purchase a Lake Usma fishing licence in one of the tourist sites or use the possibilities offered by the e-Loms service – buy licences and report the catch electronically. The prices of fishing licences.


The aim of the Association Usma Krasts is to restore and protect the fish resources of Lake Usma, to promote entrepreneurship, including the organisation and development of tourism, angling and fishing, and to promote the popularity and the good image of Lake Usma. The association brings together active entrepreneurs working on the shores of Lake Usma and landowners, who are ready to invest their work to make Lake Usma appealing for tourists, anglers and also the locals.


Neither commanded, nor encouraged by any superiors, but inspired by their own enthusiasm to unite the sailing enthusiasts, in 1973 Usma Yacht Club was founded, which as a public organisation, was unusual at the time. Usma Yacht Club is the only inland water yacht port in Latvia. At the moment 52 yachts and 134 members from many regions of Latvia are registered in the club port. 10-14 sailing competitions are held during the summer season. The club admits children to the Youth Sailing School.

Read more about the club on the homepage

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