Complex opening hours:

  • 08:00 - 11:00 morning pool
  • 12:00 - 16:00 pool (except weekends)
  • 17:00 - 21:00 *saunas and pool (on weekends from 12:00)
  • 22:00 - 24:00 night swim (the service is available upon prior booking)

*Mondays 11:00-14:00 pool closed for maintenance
* During the sauna hours, swimming pool visits cannot be purchased separately.

Please coordinate your sauna and pool visits with the administration.
Phone: +37126334500

Enjoy a relaxing break at our SPA complex of 170 m2:

  • steam room (+48 ℃), aromatic sauna (+70 ℃)
  • warm pool 60 m2 / water +28-30 ℃ (counter current, underwater massage, cascade)
  • cold pool
  • The visitors can enjoy lemon water free of charge
  • for hotel guests – robes (slippers for additional charge)
  • VIP area for two (sauna + 70-90 ℃, jacuzzi)
* When booking an overnight stay with the SPA visit, the price includes

a visit to the SPA complex on the day of arrival from 17:00 to 21:00
and morning pool visit from 8:00 to 11:00

Price list of SPA complex services

Swimming pool

Swimming pool 1 h /1 pers.

3,50 €

Swimming pool (-6.y.)  1 h /1 pers.

Free of charge

Swimming pool for kids (7-12.y.) 1 h /1 pers.

1,50 €

SPA complex 1,5 h /1 pers.
(Turkish bath + aromatic bath and swimming  pools)

10,00 €

SPA complex for kids (-6 y.)
1,5 h /1 pers.
(Turkish bath + aromatic bath and swimming  pools)

Free of charge

SPA complex for kids (7-12.y.)
1,5 h /1 pers.

5,00 €







Romantic night swim in light of candles 1 h /2 pers.
(flowers + candles + champagne)

50,00 €

SPA complex open:

  • 08:00-11:00 swimming pool
  • 12:00-16:00 swimming pool (Monday - Friday)
  • 17:00-21:00 SPA complex (Monday - Friday)
  • 12:00-21:00 SPA complex (in weekend)
*Mondays 11:00-14:00 pool closed for maintenance


4 min 3,40 € 11 min 5,40 €
5 min 3,70 € 12 min 5,70 €
6 min 4,00 € 13 min 6,00 €
7 min 4,25 € 14 min 6,25 €
8 min 4,55 € 15 min 6,55 €
9 min 4,85 € 16 min 6,85 €
10 min 5,10 € 17 min 7,10 €
Solarium Opening hours: 8:00 to 21:00 Monday to Sunday
SPA services are not included in the campsite price!i!

Lymphatic Drainage Procedures

In cooperation with L.Atiķes doktorāts / in Riga and in Liepāja /
Lymphatic drainage or air boots involves mechanical massage using alternating air pressure. It improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the legs and the waist, helps treat cellulite, prevent swelling, eliminate venous reflux disorders, provides a feeling of lightness in the legs, relieves severe and swollen leg problems, is good for people with a sedentary lifestyle, for body shape correction, improves metabolism, eliminates toxins, reduces and normalises body weight. For achieving better and faster results we recommend the Guam Seaweed Application and Compression Wrap, as well as body SPA peeling before the procedure.
Lymphatic drainage for the legs and waist (without compression wrap) 45 min. / EUR 20
Lymphatic drainage procedure for the legs and waist without compression wrap. Procedure length 45 min

Facial procedures with cosmetic products made in Latvia:

In the procedures we use Norden Cosmetic and GMT beauty cosmetic products that are produced in Latvia and which contain high-quality natural ingredients. The active ingredients of the cosmetic products have moisturising properties, they promote oxygenation of the tissues, improve skin regeneration and defensive properties, have a beneficial effect on the capillaries, regenerate the skin and stimulate the life processes of the skin cells. Seaweed mask effectively reduces redness and has a visible lifting effect.
Moisturising facial massage 20 min. / EUR 18
At the beginning of the procedure the facial skin is cleansed, then a facial massage is performed using moisturising face oil and at the end a moisturising day cream is applied, which perfectly replenishes the moisture levels of thirsty facial skin and returns its healthy glow.

Facial procedure with Alchemy Experience cosmetic products (Italy):

In the production of Alchemy Experience cosmetics, carefully selected plant extracts and oils are used. They contain medicinal herbs, do not contain mineral oils, do not contain ingredients of animal origin and have not been tested on animals. These cosmetic formulas include various plant extracts such as sugar maple, yarrow, apricot, aloe, argan, arnica, bamboo, water lily, orchid and many other herbal extracts that improve skin vitality and elasticity.
Moisturising anti-age procedure “Alchemy aqua” 60 min. / EUR 38
Moisturises, nourishes and improves skin elasticity. During the procedure the skin of the face and neck area is cleansed, a facial peeling is performed and the facial skin is toned. Next, a moisturising concentrate is gently massaged into the skin and a bleaching alginate mask is applied for 15-20 min. During the mask procedure the SPA specialist performs a light hand and palm massage. At the end of the procedure, a moisturising facial cream is applied.

Cosmetologist services*:

Express facial procedures using I-beauty device technologies THALGO (France)
 Proven effectiveness, non-invasive, non-aggressive and generally safe way to improve the condition of the facial skin. The combination of Thalgo cosmetic products with the I-Beauty device, which increases the effectiveness of the procedure, provides the clients with the possibility to try 4 programmes – skin cleansing, moisturising, skin smoothing anti-wrinkle programme with ultrasound, as well as radio frequency lifting procedure. The product provides a lasting cosmetic effect, which when combined with products intended for home use, provides satisfactory results to clients. The products contain active ingredients of seaweed and plants, providing formulations that are biocompatible with the skin.
* according to booked appointments, on Sundays
*in addition we offer eyebrow correction and tinting
Cleansing facial procedure “I-beauty” 30-45 min. / EUR 40-50
During the procedure, deep and balanced facial cleansing is performed. The result – healthier, lighter skin, cleansed from dirt, and improved skin condition. At the end of the procedure we also offer the application of a facial mask (15 min.), which will improve the acquired effect.

Slimming and body shape correcting procedures with Organic Experience cosmetic products (Italy):

Organic Experience Body Care line is designed for those willing to enjoy natural cosmetics and to achieve visible results. All products in this line are skin compatible and environmentally friendly, and contain natural ingredients and organic extracts. Professional body shape contouring procedure for the thighs and buttocks with a drainage and remineralising effect. Mud is used to treat cellulite or to reduce the fat layer. Contains organic plant extracts with slimming and lipolytic action.
Anti-cellulite Bio procedure for hips 60 min. / EUR 40
Anti-cellulite procedure for problem areas. At the beginning of the procedure a nourishing cane sugar BIO peeling is performed and slimming active serum is massaged into the skin, but the problem areas are massaged and wrapped with BIO Fango mud. After the procedure the skin is toned using a rejuvenating body spray with ginseng. At the end a professional body cream is massaged into the skin, which has a draining effect.

Relaxing, caring and cleansing body procedures

SPA body peeling 20 min. / EUR 22
During the procedure, according to the client’s choice a salt-oil scrub with one of the natural aromas – lavender, meadow flower, natural coffee, citrus fruit, cranberry, amber, silk – is used. During the procedure the dead skin cells are removed, making the skin soft and elastic. We especially recommend combining the procedure with other body procedures to acquire more lasting results.

SPA procedures for legs and feet

Foot SPA 45 min. / EUR 25
Aroma according to the client’s choice – mint, rose, amber. Specially designed SPA procedure that will make the skin on your legs and feet smooth and elastic. During the procedure you will enjoy an aromatic foot bath, leg and foot peeling to remove the dead skin cells and a relaxing foot massage. At the end the skin is moisturised and nourished using a professional cream.

SPA and sauna rituals

Cranberry SPA sauna ritual 2 hours 35 min. / EUR 65
The ritual will start with a visit to the SPA complex – steam room, aromatic sauna, pool (1 hour), then you will go to the massage room for a cranberry SPA peeling (20 min.). Next you will warm up in the steam room (15 min.), then return to the massage room for a relaxing body massage (60 min.). After the procedure, you will be served a cup of aromatic meadow flower tea.


Ritual “For beauty and relaxation” 2 hours / EUR 45
The ritual will start with a visit to the SPA complex – steam room, aromatic sauna, pool (1 hour), then you will go to the massage room for a back massage (30 min.). At the end of the procedure we will pamper your facial skin with a softening seaweed mask (30 min.), which will provide a firming and moisturising effect. After the procedure, you will be served a cup of aromatic meadow flower tea and a light lunch – salad, cake or fruit plate.
* The hotel administration reserves the right to change the procedures and prices quoted in the price list.


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